Queuing Up for Chotskies

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Queuing Up for Chotskies

The scene on the first floor of the Moscone Center West, with developers lining up to claim their free T-shirts.

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Calm Before the Storm

After the 5,000 attendees lined up outside the third floor keynote hall, they ran for their seats in the auditorium. Here's the view from the press seating.

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Andy Rubin

Android creator Andy Rubin relaxes in the front row before the keynote. Rubin would not speak until the press Q&A after the keynote.

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Vic Gundotra

Last year Google executive Vic Gundotra sent shivers down the spine of Android fans when he vilified Apple for its proprietary approach to hardware and software development. Gundotra, who would later be appointed to run Google's social product effort, spoke only for a few minutes and did not participate in any demos.

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Android Eats Apple!

But what Gundotra did do was allude to last year's Apple bite with this great graphic. This drew loud applause and laughter from the crowd.

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Barra Cheers Android's Growth

Yes, you read that right. Users have activated 100 million Android devices since its inception. That's as many iPhones that have sold, for the record.

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Android Growth

Heres more Android growth statistics, highlighting the platform's global expansion.

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Only 300 Android Devices?

With that much momentum, it might seem as though there should be more devices, but there are 310 right now.

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400K Android Activations a Day

People are activating 400,000 Android devices each day, up from the last count of 350,000.

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200K Android Apps

Android Market has hit the 200,000 app milestone, still far less than Apple's 350,000-plus for its App Store.

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Google has also tracked 450 billion application installs.

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