Qwest Ending Wireless Service

Customers using Qwest's branded wireless service have 60 days to find a new carrier with no early termination fee.

Qwest began notifying wireless customers Aug. 18 that they have 60 days to switch their Qwest Wireless service to another wireless provider. Last year, Qwest warned customers it would be exiting its wireless business -- which runs on Sprint's network -- by the end of 2009 and began offering Verizon Wireless service.

For those customers still using the company's wireless service, Qwest said it would not charge early contract termination fees and that customers would be able to port their numbers to other carriers. Qwest remains an authorized agent for Verizon Wireless.

Beginning in September and running through October, when Qwest Wireless customers who have not changed wireless service providers make a call, they will be routed to a live Qwest service representative. The customers will be reminded they need a new wireless provider before the call is dialed and completed.

"Our goal is to offer service that meets the needs of our customers and to provide timely information about changes or events that impact that service," Neil E. Cox, Qwest executive vice president of Product, said in a statement. "Last year, through our strong alliance with Verizon Wireless, our customers began the move to the industry's best wireless products and services on the nation's most reliable wireless network. Today, we are reminding those who have not transitioned that Qwest Wireless service will end on Oct. 31."