Readers Respond: New Sprint Phones Tap Two Networks

Readers respond to the eWEEK story, "New Sprint Phones Tap Two Networks."

I have a [Sprint] ic502 [see "New Sprint Phones Tap Two Networks"], and had it for the last month. One major gap that the phone has is access to e-mail. Both Sprint and Nextel offer services to access your personal/corporate e-mail. Sprint has their Business Connection and Nextel their mobile e-mail service. Switching to one of these phones puts you in a limbo with regard to this because youre shifted to the PCS data network with Sprint and their Business Connection service requires a Java applet that does not run on the ic502, and there is no way so Im told to gain access via the PCS network to the Nextel Web site that offered the mobile e-mail service to phones browser.

If you only need POP or IMAP access and only want to read e-mail (as you cant reply from your original address), the Sprint PCS mail client may provide some stop-gap capability to you. However, until Sprint sorts out this issue, it looks like a major piece of functionality will be lacking for business customers looking at this phone.

Mike Costa