RF7000 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse from Memorex

Review: Ready to take the wireless plunge? The recently released RF7000 from Memorex boasts a sleek, feature-full design--and hey, it's easy on the wallet!

Wireless keyboards make life easy. Cutting the cord, so to speak, ushers you into a new era of annoyance-free computing--or at the very least removes one major source of annoyance from your computing environment, cords.

Imagine it -- no more wires to trip over, no more tangles behind the computer desk, and no more cracked, and perhaps bitten-through cords (raise your hand if you have a pet, or child, who bites cords– or maybe you do it yourself).

But, wireless keyboards have been on the market for years--so whats about the big deal with the RF7000? With its latest addition to the RF wireless keyboard series, Memorex gives us a wireless, comfy but flat keyboard in the RF7000. Theyve graciously added a slew of time-saving features including easy-to-use cut and paste shortcuts as well as loads of new application-specific hotkeys.

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