RIM BlackBerry Storm 2 Rumors Include Wi-Fi, September Release

RIM's BlackBerry Storm 2 with Wi-Fi may arrive in September, if several stories with unnamed sources hold true. An upgrade of the BlackBerry Storm's SurePress technology is also being suggested. If both materialize, will the new BlackBerry Storm be the iPhone overtaker Verizon Wireless hopes for?

A BlackBerry Storm 2 with Wi-Fi will debut this September-if the rumors are to be believed. A September release would mean a less than one-year run for the original BlackBerry Storm, which was launched in November 2008.
Lack of Wi-Fi in the original Storm, Research In Motion's first touch-screen BlackBerry, was part of what prevented it from being the Apple iPhone killer Verizon Wireless was hoping for. (Others would also add sluggishness.)
SlashGear reported April 7 that, while it wasn't able to name its source, it has "no doubts regarding the veracity of their information. The source gave us their assurances that the Storm 2 would have Wi-Fi and would be an even better Pro-consumer device than the first Storm."
The Boy Genius Report cites two independent sources of its own, and writes that, in addition to Wi-Fi, the BlackBerry Storm 2 will have a new screen technology, replacing its SurePress technology with TruePress-which it says will make typing "really pleasurable."
However, not everyone thought SurePress was such a drag. In February, the SurePress technology-which makes the touch-screen depress ever so slightly to create the sensation, along with sound cues, of using a traditional keypad-was awarded a Global Mobile Award for Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough.
A bit of icing on the rumor cake: Boy Genius additionally posits that the Storm will get the upgrade of a 5-megapixel camera.
On April 1, RIM launched its BlackBerry App World applications store.
"We are launching BlackBerry App World with a solid selection," said Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of RIM, "and we look forward to working with our partners to continue delivering the types of apps that best suit our customers' personalized needs and interests."
If the Storm 2 rumors prove true, RIM will be meeting still more of interests and needs.
A spokesperson for RIM said it is company policy to decline comment on rumors and speculation.