RIM Preps BlackBerry App World

Research In Motion, maker of the BlackBerry line of mobile and wireless devices, announces that its application storefront will be called BlackBerry App World. The site will go live for developers on March 4 and will compete with the likes of the Apple App Store and the Android Market.

Research In Motion has announced the name for its new application storefront- BlackBerry App World.

In an advisory to the press, a RIM spokesperson said the BlackBerry App World storefront will go live for developers by 10 p.m. EST on March 4.

RIM's new application storefront will be the equivalent of similar services such as the Apple App Store and the Android Market, where developers can ply consumers with applications for sale.

RIM officials said the company also will launch a sign-up page for users who want to be alerted when BlackBerry App World goes live for the general public. Those interested should register at www.blackberry.com/appworld.

In a press advisory from October 2008, RIM said:

"RIM plans to launch the application storefront in March 2009 and BlackBerry application developers can begin submitting their applications and content for inclusion in the storefront in December 2008. The storefront will allow developers to set their own prices for applications and developers will retain 80 percent of the revenue generated from their applications. RIM is working with PayPal, a leading global online payment service, to provide consumers with a convenient and trusted way to pay for applications within the new application storefront, right from their BlackBerry smartphone."

RIM also has prepared an FAQ for developers interested in creating BlackBerry applications.