Roombas Robot Roots

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Roombas Robot Roots

The Roomba 560 shown doing what it does best -- cleaning hard surfaces and along edges. While the little robot can do a good job with other surfaces, including carpet, it really excels on wood floors.

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Roombas Robot Roots - The Roomba\s Controls

The control panel of the Roomba 560 shows some of the robots new capabilities. For example, theres a voice demo that leads the user through some programming functions. The Roomba can be scheduled to perform tasks while the user is away or asleep, and i

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Roombas Robot Roots - Guiding the Roomba

The Roomba 560 comes with a device called a Lighthouse that replaces the Virtual Wall of the original Roomba. The Lighthouse is used to mark the doorway into a new room, so that the robot knows where one room ends and another begins. This wa

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Roombas Robot Roots - Testing the Roomba

eWEEK Labs Assistant Alex, a 6-month-old Golden Retriever, was assigned to play a critical role in testing the Roombas cleaning abilities. He was instructed to shed as much puppy hair as possible, which he did constantly. This gave the robot something to

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