Ruckus Wireless Debuts Carrier-Class Endpoint

The new endpoint is aimed at carriers that provide IPTV and broadband wireless services to their customers.

Ruckus Wireless, of Sunnyvale, Calif., has begun shipping a new endpoint aimed at carriers that provide IPTV and broadband wireless services to their customers.

The new endpoint, the MediaFlex NG, can be individually configured for each carriers specifications.

Its remotely manageable and supports an integrated router and multiple virtual access points.

The device will also support up to three Ethernet ports and two WAN interfaces, and it features quality of service support for VoWLAN.

Remote managers can use SNMP, SSH, SSL, HTTP and Telnet.

The device allows complete control of both the remote and the user sides, and it will monitor the RF environment for interference.

The MediaFlex NG includes the ability to use its smart antenna system and SmartCast traffic management features to work around interference.

"It really raises the bar in performance," said CTO and co-founder Bill Kish.

"This is a newer hardware platform; we raised the output power, and the algorithms have been enhanced to work in a wider range of environments," he said.

Kish noted that the multiple virtual APs allow the network manager to segment the output to meet the needs of carriers.

Kish said that the RF monitoring capability would add to reliability of the unit and improve the user experience.

"We can look at the quality that our streams are achieving," Kish said. "As soon as there is a service impairment, were instantly aware."

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"We can automatically sample and capture that RF environment using our InTune software."

Kish said that the MediaFlex NG was designed so that it can automatically upgrade its own firmware.

He said that this means that this will reduce the management load on the carriers that deploy it.

He said that the device has a number of corporate applications in addition to delivering IPTV and broadband services.

"Were working with Aruba on handling IPSEC connections," Kish said. "Were a really good wireless bridge. You can use it in a warehouse or rail yard. Were perfect for that."

Ruckus said that the company has received another round of financing, this one headed up by Motorola for $16 million.

Spokesperson David Callish said that the company has landed IPTV delivery deals with two European PTTs (postal telephone and telegraph).

One is a major Benelux carrier, and the other is Telefonica O2 Czech Republic.

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