Salesforce's Latest CRM Apps Let Users Do Business on Mobile Devices

Today's topics include Salesforce's latest apps that it claims let users run their businesses on mobile devices, the U.S. and European Union agreement on a privacy shield to maintain transatlantic data flow, Cisco's announcement that mobile traffic will grow eightfold by 2020 and how Docker 1.10 is designed to bolster container security. is using its Lightning technology to revamp its suite of cloud customer relationship management applications to enable businesses of every size to run their sales operations on smartphones and tablets.

CEO Marc Benioff stated that every company should have the ability to run their business operations on mobile devices. Salesforce, he said, is revamping its applications to make that goal a reality.

The free flow of petabytes of data transmitted by the largest corporations and private citizens will continue across the Atlantic Ocean as the result of a new "safe harbor" agreement reached Feb. 2 between the United States and the European Union to protect data transfers between the United States and EU member nations.

The agreement replaces a 15-year-old pact that the EU's highest court struck down in October 2015 because it failed to protect the data of European citizens from snooping by U.S. intelligence or police authorities.

Cisco officials have been tracking the growth of mobile device use and mobile traffic for a decade, and the trends for both continue to skyrocket.

According to networking technology vendor there will be 5.5 billion mobile users by 2020. That means that about 70 percent of the expected worldwide population will be using 8.5 billion mobile devices. The growth is expected to cause an eightfold increase in the amount of mobile data traffic between 2015 and 2020.

The open-source Docker container engine technology is set for a major boost this week. Today, the company released Docker 1.10.

The latest version of the technology includes new features and a strong focus on security, particularly with the integration of secure computing and user namespace technology. With Docker 1.10, there is now a default secure computing profile that helps protect the process running within a container.

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