Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has benefited from its stiff competition with the iPhone 4S. The device comes with a larger screen, has near-field communication (NFC), and delivers a slick design. But according to reports, Apple's iPhone 5 will launch with all those same features. That's bad news for the Galaxy Nexus.

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Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung's Galaxy S III is the world's top smartphone at the moment. However, when the iPhone 5 launches, it'll immediately be compared with the Galaxy S III. That's not good news for Samsung. And its sales will be hurt because of it.

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Apple iPhone 4S

Although Apple's iPhone 4S might be on the same team as the iPhone 5, last year's model will be hit hard by the new entrant. Apple's iPhone 5 will come with better features, a nicer design, and according to reports, a bigger display. The iPhone 4S will likely be kept on store shelves, but its sales will, no doubt, plummet.

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Motorola Droid Razr Maxx

The Motorola Droid Razr Maxx is arguably Google's best answer yet to the iPhone. The device comes with a sleek design and offers 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networking. There's just one problem: The iPhone 5 will likely launch with 4G LTE itself, making all devices featuring that connectivity option look rather boring in comparison.

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The HTC One X is widely regarded as one of the top smartphones in the world-and for good reason. The device has a great design, big screen and 4G networking. The only issue is that it comes with HTC branding. And in the mobile world, HTC just doesn't have the same brand value as Apple.

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Although the HTC One S can't quite hold up against its sister device, the One X, compared with the iPhone 4S, it does a fine job. The device has a 4.3-inch screen and Beats Audio support. Its design, while simple, isn't so bad. But it's no iPhone. And if the rumors are true, it won't be on the same plane as the iPhone 5. In other words, it's in trouble.

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HTC Rezound

The HTC Rezound is one of those devices that doesn't get much market buzz, but deserves all kinds of credit for holding tough in a hotly contested mobile market. The device, which is available from Verizon, has 4G LTE service and a solid design. There's just one issue: Consumers have largely ignored it, so it's an easy target for the iPhone 5.

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Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note isn't quite a smartphone and can't really be called a tablet. Still, it's wildly popular and has helped put Samsung's mobile division on the map. However, it can confuse customers looking for either a smartphone or a tablet. When a new iPhone launches, confusing customers isn't a good thing.

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Google Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7 is the world's top, cheap tablet right now. And although it's not a direct competitor to the iPhone 5, the device is competing for precious consumer dollars. With unemployment on the rise and economic factors turning negative, consumers have less to spend. And they'll need to decide

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Pick a BlackBerry, Any BlackBerry

This one is rather easy, isn't it? Research In Motion's BlackBerry has been struggling for years to fight against Apple's iPhone. So, thinking that it wouldn't meet the same fate with the iPhone 5 would be ludicrous. Any and all BlackBerry devices have been losing market share for months and are in even deeper trouble when Apple launches the iPhone 5.

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