Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Here is the Galaxy Nexus, from all angles.

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The 4.65-inch display is an HD 720p (1280x720) Super AMOLED display, which means its super crisp and clear.

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Side View

The phone is also thin, measuring just 8.94 millimeters thick. Also, note how Samsung has moved away from the curved, contoured look of its Nexus S Gingerbread phone to give the Galaxy Nexus rounded edges.

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Nexus Back View

The Galaxy Nexus is encased in "hyper-skin" for a slip-resistant grip, said Samsung. The handset has a 5 megapixel camera with panorama mode, 1080p video capture, zero-shutter lag and funny effects that lets users make "silly faces." The camera is powered by the phone's graphics processor, Rubin said.

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Pure Google

But this phone is about software, and users will be getting the "pure Google" experience. That means they get the first software updates every time and preloaded Android apps, such as Android Market, Gmail, Google Maps 5.0 with 3D maps and turn-by-turn navigation, Google Earth, Movie Studio, YouTube, synchronization with Google Calendar, and a refreshed Google+ app.

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Google's Andy Rubin

Google Senior Vice President Andy Rubin said ICS was designed to be easy to use, intuitive and beautiful. "We want the user to feel good about using their cell phone," Rubin said during the launch event in Hong Kong.

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Rubin, J.K. Shin Show Off Galaxy Nexus

Rubin and J.K. Shin, president and head of Samsung's Mobile Communications Business, proudly show off the Galaxy Nexus.

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Samsung's Kevin Packingham

Kevin Packingham, senior vice president of product innovation at Samsung Mobile, said the phone will launch with 4G LTE and HSPA+ so that "wherever you are, we'll have you covered."

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Android ICS is designed to work with the 1280 by 720p display as its native resolution, which has a 16:9 aspect ratio-the same as a HD widescreen TV. "It's like having a movie theater in your hands," Packingham said. He promised users will see smooth graphics for games and movies.

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Smaller Bezel

Samsung made the bezel 4.29 millimeters thin. Why is this a big deal? Packingham said it accentuates the beauty of the screen, allowing users to view content to the outer edges of the device and make the phone feel comfortable in the hand and in the pocket.

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Other Product Perks

Heres the short list of additional perks buyers will get with the Galaxy Nexus.

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