Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Must Ship This Fall With 10 Essential Features

0-Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Must Ship This Fall With 10 Essential Features
1-Different Display Sizes
2-Tons of RAM
3-Processing Power for Days
4-Samsung's Beautiful Software
5-A Stylus, Of Course
6-An Easy Path to Upgrades
7-A High-End Camera
8-Proper Pricing
9-Little Change in Design
10-The Latest Bluetooth, USB, WiFi and Networking Upgrades
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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Must Ship This Fall With 10 Essential Features

By Don Reisinger

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Different Display Sizes

One of the main reasons the Galaxy Note has been so popular is the different screen sizes available. Samsung offers 5-inch, 8-inch and even 10.1-inch options. When Samsung launches the Galaxy Note 3, it must offer a choice of display sizes for that tablet as well.

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Tons of RAM

Today's top-end devices have 2GB of RAM. However, according to numerous reports, Samsung is planning to bundle 3GB of RAM in the Galaxy Note 3. That's a boatload of memory—much more than the iPad offers. More RAM means better functionality. Don't forget that.

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Processing Power for Days

Speaking of better functionality, the rumor mill also claims that Samsung will be bundling a high-end processor in the Galaxy Note 3. That processor could very well be a 2.7GHz Snapdragon that will blow every other product on the market out of the water.

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Samsung's Beautiful Software

Although it's likely that the Galaxy Note 3 will be running Android 4.2.2, Samsung will put its own software styling on top of it to make it an even more attractive option. As nice as Android might be, Samsung's software is so much better and works exceedingly well with a stylus.

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A Stylus, Of Course

What would the Galaxy Note be without a stylus? Some rumors have claimed that the device won't come with one, but that would effectively turn it into a tablet. The Galaxy Note needs a stylus. And Samsung knows it.

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An Easy Path to Upgrades

Android is updated all of the time, so Samsung needs to make it easy for users to quickly get the latest version. The company did that with the last Galaxy Note and likely will do the same with the Galaxy Note 3. Easy paths to upgrades are extremely important.

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A High-End Camera

Recent reports say the Galaxy Note 3 will come with a 13-megapixel camera—not quite the 41-megapixel PureView camera that Nokia's latest Lumia handset boasts. But the Galaxy Note 3 doesn't need to match Nokia's option. A 13-megapixel camera will suit the Galaxy Note 3 just fine.

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Proper Pricing

Pricing is everything in the mobile space. Although the Galaxy Note 3 will have the design features that customers will want, it will still fail if it's priced too highly. That's why Samsung can't go overboard with its pricing. For the Galaxy Note 3 to succeed, the smaller versions need to match the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S 3, and the bigger options need to match the iPad.

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Little Change in Design

There's no need to change the Galaxy Note's design. After all, the device has a beautiful, prominent display, and its rounded corners and thinness make it extremely attractive to road warriors. While the Galaxy Note 3 will likely have some design improvements, let's hope they combine to deliver a better all-around product. If they don't, the device will fail.

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The Latest Bluetooth, USB, WiFi and Networking Upgrades

If the latest rumors are true, Samsung will be offering several upgrades in the Galaxy Note 3, including Bluetooth 4.0, the possibility of USB 3.0 support and access to wireless-ac. All of that should make the Galaxy Note 3 a more future-focused device than the current model. And in the mobile space, future-focused usually breeds success.

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