Samsung Galaxy S 4 Will Win This Year's Smartphone War: 10 Reasons Why

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Will Win This Year's Smartphone War: 10 Reasons Why

by Don Reisinger

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It's First Out the Gate

One of the best things for Samsung is that it's first out the gate with the S 4. Apple hasn't launched its iPhone 5S yet and likely won't do so for several months. Meanwhile, Android competitors have delivered few worthwhile buys. Being first out the gate is a good thing.

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Samsung Is Warning About S 4 Shortages

Samsung said recently that the Galaxy S 4 will be hard to come by for some time after its launch. The company has found that demand has far outstripped supply, which could lead to iPhone-like delays. If that doesn't say something about its popularity, what does?

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Look At the Size of That Display

Want to know one of the biggest reasons the Galaxy S 4 will be popular? Look no further than its 5-inch screen. Compared with the iPhone 5's 4-inch display, the Galaxy S 4's screen looks like a giant. With a giant screen comes more real estate to watch movies, surf the Web and play games.

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Help From the Past

Samsung's Galaxy S 4 will succeed in large part because of the strong performance of its predecessor, the Galaxy S 3. That device, which is still available, proved to be one of the most successful smartphones of all time and certainly the most popular Android handset. That should only add momentum to the S 4's sales.

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Apple Is Preparing Another Boring iPhone Update

Apple is expected to unveil its next iPhone, the iPhone 5S, at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. But here's the problem: It's expected to come with only minor updates and the same screen size. That's unfortunate because the days when Apple fans would automatically fawn over every new iPhone release are over. Apple needs to stop boring customers and giving them something that can match the Galaxy S 4. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that that will happen until next year.

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The Software Is Light-Years Ahead

When it comes to software, it's hard to see why anyone would take issue with Samsung's Galaxy S 4. The device allows for near-field communication, users can go hands-free to perform tasks, and it's much easier to navigate than any other design on top of Android. The Galaxy S 4's software is simply light-years ahead.

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It's a True Camera Replacement

The Galaxy S 4's rear-facing camera is a 13-megapixel lens. The iPhone 5's rear-facing camera has an 8-megapixel option. With 13 megapixels, users can take shots of what's around them and print out huge photos. It's a great option.

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No Other Android Device Can Compare

The Galaxy S 4 will also be the best Android handset release this year. The only company that might come even close to what Samsung has achieved is perhaps LG with its high-end line of Optimus handsets. Even that company, though, is hard-pressed to come close to matching Samsung. The Galaxy maker is simply the best of the best when it comes to Android handsets.

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The Design Is Outstanding

Looking at the Samsung Galaxy S 4, it's hard not to be impressed by its design. The device is thin, its large screen complements its rounded edges, and it's easy to fit into a pocket. Apple might still lead the design war, but the Galaxy S 4 is close to matching the iPhone maker.

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High-Octane Performance

One of the smartest things Samsung did was to bundle a very strong processor into its device. Customers in some countries will be able to get a quad-core chip. Others, however, will have access to an eight-core processor that doubles the quad-core chip's performance. Don't think that matters? Take it for a spin with high-end applications and see.

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