Samsung Galaxy S III: 10 Things That Make It a Worthy iPhone Rival

NEWS ANALYSIS: Samsung's Galaxy S III has proven popular among consumers and is selling well. But that in itself doesn't prove that it is a worthwhile iPhone alternative. But here are 10 factors that show that Samsung's model is a sound pick over the Apple's iPhone.

Samsung's Galaxy S III is arguably the best smartphone released so far this year. The device is considered the flagship in Samsung's entire smartphone lineup, and offers both a huge display and 4G LTE networking. Add that to a nice camera, near-field communication and a powerful quad-core processor, and it'll combine to make for one awfully nice option.

Still, the Galaxy S III is not able to match Apple's iPhone in terms of sales. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company has watched its iPhone fly off store shelves. With the new iPhone 5 slated to launch in September, it looks like Apple's smartphone sales will only rocket to greater heights this fall.

And yet, Samsung is holding strong. The company's Galaxy S III is a favorite among consumers and could also be a worthwhile enterprise option for companies embracing BYOD. Simply put, the Galaxy S III is a worthy iPhone competitor.

Take a look at the reasons why.

1. A nice, big display

The iPhone comes with a somewhat sizable 3.5-inch screen. However, next to the Galaxy S III's 4.8-inch display, it looks rather small. In the grand world of smartphones, screen size matters for those looking to get work done. And when it comes to screen size, the Galaxy S III can't be beaten.

2. The removable battery matters

Samsung's Galaxy S III comes with a removable battery. Apple's iPhone, on the other hand, has a built-in battery. In the enterprise world, especially, the removable battery is an extremely important addition. It allows users to buy multiple batteries and always be able to get work done. It might not matter to consumers, but to road warrior office workers, it's a big plus.

3. The quad-core Exynos is hard to beat

The Galaxy S III comes with a 1.4GHz Exynos quad-core processor. What that means is the device is running the very best processor on the market right now. Whether Apple will be able to beat it with the iPhone 5 remains to be seen. But it'll certainly be a difficult job.

4. The Dock connector is a pain

Apple over the years has been called on to bundle a microUSB port into its devices. However, each step of the way, the company has balked. The Galaxy S III, meanwhile, comes with a microUSB, making it easier to charge and offers support for other devices. Apple's Dock is a proprietary nightmare.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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