Samsung Galaxy Tab Promises to Be Strong iPad Rival: 10 Reasons Why

News Analysis: Samsung's Galaxy Tab is now available. And the tech company has high hopes for this new tablet model as it attempts to compete against Apple's iPad and others.

The tablet market is quickly becoming a place where consumers are migrating. As Apple has pointed out, iPad sales are quite high. In fact, during its fiscal fourth quarter alone, the company sold more than 4 million iPad units. And considering the device's price starts at $499, the company was able to generate some serious revenue during the period.

But as more and more tablets come to the market, Apple's success in that space could decline. After all, customers now have more options than they once did. And those options are now highlighted by the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Samsung model is a 7-inch tablet that some observers say could be even better than the iPad for certain customers. That's quite a claim. And it's one that Apple won't take lightly. But for Samsung, it's a claim that it hopes to turn into a generous share of the tablet market.

Read on to find out why Samsung has such high hopes for its Galaxy Tab.

1. The tablet market is big and lucrative

Make no mistake that the main reason Samsung wants to see its Galaxy Tab perform well in the tablet market and effectively match Apple's iPad is its desire to generate major revenue. As Apple's aforementioned sales show, the tablet market is big and lucrative for companies that know how to do it right. With the Galaxy Tab, Samsung thinks it has done something right, and now it wants to capitalize.

2. The device runs the most popular mobile operating system

Samsung has high hopes for its Galaxy Tab because it knows that it's running the world's most popular mobile operating system. The device comes with Android 2.2 installed. If the Galaxy Tab was running Windows, Samsung's product would have a difficult time appealing to customers. Consumers don't necessarily expect to see Windows on a tablet-that operating system is reserved for desktops and laptops, mostly-but they do expect Android. And they know that Android has become an alternative for iOS.

3. It combines the iPhone's and iPad's nicer features

One of the best things Samsung did with its Galaxy Tab was double-down on the features that consumers like in both the iPhone 4 and the iPad. The tablet sports an iPad-like design with a touch screen and 3G connectivity. But it adds in one very important feature that the iPhone 4 has-video conferencing-that could mean the difference for some consumers between opting for Samsung's tablet over Apple's. Simply put, the Galaxy Tab is both iPad- and iPhone 4-like. Samsung knows that could help sales.

4. It can be the "other" iPad

Samsung realizes that it has delivered a relatively impressive product. And with the right marketing strategy, the company has the ability to offer the "other" iPad in the tablet space. Going forward, at least in the short term, Apple's iPad will likely lead the space. But if consumers realize that their second option is the Galaxy Tab, Samsung will solidify its position in the tablet market.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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