Samsung Is Putting Market Pressure on Apple in 10 Different Ways

NEWS ANALYSIS: Samsung is hurting Apple with solid designs, effective marketing and a brand that more buyers are coming to trust. How has Samsung come so far?

Apple has long been viewed as the most creative and innovative company in the personal technology world. From its iPhones to its iPads to Macs, the company has established itself as the leader that all others envy. Not even the great Microsoft has been able to reach the level of success and fan idolatry that Apple has. It’s been a sight to see.

But lurking in the shadows is a company that has quietly found a way to out-Apple Apple. With its strong products and its interesting marketing tactics, Samsung has established itself not only as Apple’s chief courtroom adversary, but also its top sales competitor. For years, we’ve been hearing that no company could ever match Apple. But Samsung has done it. In fact, in the mobile market, it’s already bested Apple in some respects.

So, how did Samsung do it? And perhaps more importantly, why hasn’t Apple found a way to turn back Samsung’s competitive advances.

Read on to find out why Samsung has been so successful at hurting Apple.

1. Product designs matter

Apple is often viewed as the world’s leader in design, but Samsung is not too shabby either. The company’s product designs are simply beautiful, and in some cases, best those from Apple. Design matters in today’s electronics world and Samsung has shown it won’t take a back seat when it comes to its product design and innovation.

2. It’s a matter of product features

Samsung’s products are successful because they offer more bang for the buck than Apple’s. For example, the company’s Galaxy S III, which competes against Apple’s iPhone 5, comes with a better processor, a bigger screen and more features, like near-field communication. If you don’t think that matters to customers, you’re kidding yourself.

3. Apple’s lawsuits backfire

Although Apple has tried to say that its lawsuits against Samsung are designed to protect its intellectual property, they might actually be hurting the iPhone maker. The lawsuits make Apple look like a bully and too focused on patent litigation to protect its market than competition through superior product design. The same might be said for Samsung, which also targets Apple with its own lawsuits, but for some reason, right now, Apple still comes out looking like the bad guy and that’s hurting the Cupertino-based company.

4. Samsung understands what makes Android appealing

If Samsung delivered just typical Android device designs, the company wouldn’t be nearly as successful in the mobile market as it is today. With its own take on Android, Samsung has found a way to appeal to customers that are attracted to Google’s platform, but want a better design and something fresh. It’s a smart move on Samsung’s part.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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