Samsung Jack Coming to ATandT May 19

The Samsung Jack, which is upgradeable to Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5, will be available from AT&T on May 19. After a two-year contract and mail-in rebate, the enterprise-geared smartphone will sell for $99.99.

The Samsung Jack will be available from AT&T on May 19, expanding the BlackJack series that executives at AT&T have called the "No. 1 selling franchise in Windows Mobile history."
Jack does indeed feature Windows Mobile 6.1, and will be upgradeable to Windows Mobile 6.5, which is due out in the quickly approaching second half of 2009 and features an updated user interface designed for finger input, which means you can toss away that stylus. (Images of early look at 6.5 are available here.)
The message-centric Jack features a full qwerty keyboard that's said to have been optimized for easier use. This should come in handy with the included SMS and instant messaging applications, as well as the multiple personal e-mail accounts made accessible through AT&T Xpress Mail and the enterprise e-mail access through Microsoft Direct Push.
Internet Explorer Mobile and Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile, which lets users manage Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, are also onboard.
In addition to 3G from AT&T, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) and Bluetooth connectivity are included, along with A-GPS for use with AT&T Navigator (both domestic and global) and other GPS-based applications.
Other features include 256 MB of RAM and a 3.2-megapixel camera with video-capture capabilities.
The Jack is priced at $99.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate, and with a two-year contract.