Samsung Phones to Get Device Management Offering

InnoPath and Samsung have signed an agreement that will bring InnoPath's mobile device management platform to Samsung's mobile handsets.

Mobile handset users often run into problems with e-mail settings, lose their cell phone or have trouble backing up important information.

Users of Samsung mobile handsets may not have to worry about these common problems as InnoPath Software announced Feb. 7 that it has signed an agreement with Samsung to deliver its iMDM (integrated Mobile Device Management) offering to Samsung mobile handsets.

InnoPaths iMDM consists of client software used and a server suite deployed by mobile operators and carriers to manage subscribers handsets. iMDM allows Samsung operators to deploy device management functionalities to remotely troubleshoot and fix problems, and manage software on its mobile products.

"Having the InnoPath client on as many devices as possible provides operators with greater variety and selection for their customers, all backed by the ability to remotely maintain, update and configure devices for new services," said David Ginsburg, vice president of Marketing and Product Management at InnoPath, based in Sunnyvale, Calif.

InnoPaths iMDM features device management applications while also providing remote firmware updates, configuration, diagnostics and security management.

Ginsburg said that if a device is sold and released to a business customer but the device requires an upgrade, "iMDM enables the operator to manage this remotely, thus avoiding costly recalls."

In case of theft or loss, iMDM provides the ability to lock a phone and wipe the data clean, and it also offers backup and restore capabilities.

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When asked how iMDM will benefit Samsung and its mobile carrier partners, Ginsburg said that iMDM "helps to increase customer satisfaction for mobile operators/carriers and reduces the number of headaches for business IT departments charged with managing mobile devices."

Once an OEM decides to support iMDM, it will deploy the platform across its different models.

It is not yet known on which Samsung models iMDM will run; customers can ask their carrier or mobile operator (Verizon or Cingular in North America) which Samsung models they offer that include InnoPath iMDM support.

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