SAP Launches Redesigned SuccessFactors Mobile App For iOS

Updated SuccessFactors mobile app is one of the first products of a partnership that SAP and Apple announced last year.

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SAP this week announced a completely redesigned version of its SAP SuccessFactors Mobile application for iOS devices.

The updated app will become available on the Apple App Store in the next few weeks and comes with several features that the company said would make it easier for employees and managers to access and use human resources applications and services from their mobile devices.

The new SuccessFactors Mobile is one of the first results of a partnership that SAP and Apple announced last year. The two companies have committed to working with each other to develop a number of native enterprise iOS applications for iPhones and iPads that take advantage of SAP's HANA Cloud Platform service. The apps are being built using Apple's Swift programming language and SAP's Fiori for iOS design language.

Under the partnership, SAP and Apple are also working on an iOS software development kit that developers can use to build native iOS applications for enterprise needs.

"The SAP SuccessFactors Mobile app gives employees on-demand access to our industry-leading solutions from their device of choice," said James Harvey, global head of engineering and service delivery operations at SAP SuccessFactors in a released statement. The partnership with Apple lets SAP deliver on its commitment to help companies maximize productivity and employee engagement via its software, he said.

SAP lists several advantages that organizations can gain by providing executives and employees with access to SuccessFactors Mobile. The mobile app for instance, makes it easier for workers to collaborate around relevant business content.

The application, especially when used in conjunction with collaboration tools like SAP JAM, enables people to stay connected with co-workers and projects when out of office and lets them view, share and capture videos, documents and other content.

SuccessFactors Mobile makes it easier for managers and business executives to sign-off on change requests from employees, according to SAP. It lets employees more easily signup for required training courses or to get notifications about course assignments. The application also makes it easier for HR staff to set goals and provide feedback for employees and for employees to view and track their progress.

The updates announced this week build on these capabilities. The newly redesigned SuccessFactors Mobile app for iOS for instance now gives HR staff the ability to do continuous performance management and performance reviews via mobile devices.

The capability is designed to facilitate more frequent and meaningful conversations about performance and goals between employees and their managers via mobile devices.

The updated application also supports features that let HR staff maintain time sheets and time-off requests and approvals, approve transactions and send employee onboarding information using mobile devices.

The new version makes it easier for individuals to do organization wide searches for people and to view organizational charts and reporting structures. The updated application also comes with what SAP described as simplified to-do screens for employees and redesigned views of employee profiles for managers.

Jaikumar Vijayan

Jaikumar Vijayan

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