Savi Introduces New Active RFID Tag

The new low-profile version of the company's active tag separates RFID components to protect the delicate electronics.

Savi Technology, which develops RFID hardware and software for supply chains, is tackling harsh conditions with its latest active tag.

Washington, D.C.-based Savi announced March 7 the low-profile version of its Savi Tag ST-656 that is actually split between the outside of a container and the inside to protect the more delicate RFID electronics.

The ST-656s U-shaped form factor has a low profile, or flat plate, that sits on the outside of a container. The tag is armed with an antenna that communicates with readers (both fixed and mobile) and a beeper that lets personnel know where the tag is, and reports its status.

The relative flatness of the plate, clamped to the left door of a container, helps keep it protected in rugged environments, officials said.

On the inside of the container sits the RFID components—a separation that protects the electronics portion of the tag from the harsh treatments external tags are exposed to.

The components include a battery that operates the active tag, and an on-board processor, memory and radio transmit and receive capability.

Savi, a big provider to U.S. and allied military forces, developed the ST-656 tag with input from a few agencies within the Department of Defense, including the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Defense Logistics Agency and the Product Manager for Joint Automatic Identification Technology.

The ST-656 tag has essentially the same functionality as Savis more widely used ST-654 tag—the big difference with the newer tag being its mounting procedure, officials said.


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