Seven iPhone Apps for Father's Day

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Seven iPhone Apps for Father's Day

by Nathan Eddy

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Weber's On the Grill ($4.99)

Perfect for the grillmeister father, this application from the BBQ grilling experts at Weber offers more than 250 recipes, a grill timer with sleep mode, a grocery list that can be shared via e-mail, and a guide with instructions on how to get the most out of your grilling experience.

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3D Mini Golf Challenge ($1.99)

Bring some fun and funk to the green with this mini golf game, featuring four different themes, 100 holes and different modes of play, including Par Challenge, Time Attack and Hole-in-One.

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Ballpark Envi ($0.99)

While not many of us can hit the road to follow our home team, this app gets you close, allowing users to visit every Major League stadium in the United States, including some that no longer exist. Automated slide shows, in-depth information on the parks and several other features ensure even the most knowledgeable ballpark aficionado will find something new.

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Guitar Hero ($2.99)

Sure, maybe Dad isnt hip to the latest bands out of Brooklyn, but that doesnt mean hes above rocking out from time to time. Give the gift of virtual guitar with the iPod version of this classic game,

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AutoZone (Free)

If youve got a gearhead dad, this app allows access to AutoZones free vehicle repair guides—always handy for the guy with his head perpetually under the hood. You can also track stores, search for parts and check availability and pricing.

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Fishing Calendar ($3.99)

This app displays the best fishing times in your current location and can store your best catches with a photo with size, weight and location, so you dont have to convince your friends how big a bass you caught. It also includes a fishing location feature tied into Google Maps and tidal advisory predictions for fishing on the open sea.

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Angry Dad Button Soundbox ($0.99)

All dads need to let off steam sometimes, so what better way than to let him holler without even wasting a breath? This fun and funny app offers more than 25 exclamations, including the perennial "Go to your room!" and the quintessential "Arrgh." If youve got a father with a sense of humor, hes going to have a laugh over this one.

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