Shunra Teams With SOASTA for Mobile App Testing

Shunra partners with SOASTA to deliver a new mobile app testing solution for iOS and Android devices.

Shunra Software, a provider of network virtualization and application performance solutions, has announced a joint offering with SOASTA, a provider of cloud-based performance and functional testing that focuses on mobile application testing.

The joint offering provides an integrated functional and performance test platform for mobile applications, and includes Shunra€™s vCat and NetworkCatcher Express Mobile products and SOASTA€™s recently announced CloudTest platform with TouchTest technology.

€œShunra and SOASTA offer a completeness of vision and natural synergies which enable organizations around the world to now have a proven means for ensuring a positive end-user experience before they deploy mobile applications,€ Gary Jackson, CEO of Shunra, said in a statement. €œBecause every second of delay impacts revenue, productivity or customer loyalty, this joint solution is an invaluable component of any organization€™s testing practice, and we are pleased to partner with a leader like SOASTA in support of our goal of delivering an end-to-end mobile performance test platform.€

Shunra€™s NetworkCatcher Express Mobile enables capture of real-world mobile network conditions, including latency and packet loss, from any iOS or Android mobile device. Users can then import those captured mobile network conditions to Shunra€™s vCat and create a virtual network precisely representative of the production network for application testing.

The combined solution also features SOASTA€™s CloudTest platform with TouchTest technology that delivers functional test automation for continuous multi-touch, gesture-based mobile applications. Revolutionary new TouchTest technology precisely captures and plays back all gestures including pan, pinch, zoom, and scroll from within the tested application. Mobile applications can then be tested across a virtual network powered by Shunra vCat creating the most reliable and accurately predictive method to test mobile applications.

€œTouchTest eliminates reliance on imprecise optical-recognition testing approaches and the limits of tethered device testing,€ said Tom Lounibos, CEO of SOASTA, in a statement. €œWe are excited to pair this capability with Shunra€™s network virtualization and mobile application performance testing capabilities to bring this new and valuable approach to testing to market.€

The combined Shunra-SOASTA solution provides a fast, reliable and accurate platform for functional and performance testing using real mobile devices and real network conditions. The combined solution is available today and is being brought to market by both Shunra and SOASTA.