Skype (Free)

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Skype (Free)

The company adds video chat capabilities for the iPhone 4 and also offers instant messaging. Users can send or receive video via the iPhone 3s rear camera.

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Vtok (Free)

Use this app for video chats with your Google Talk buddies, as well as unlimited free phone calls and Short Message Service texts through Google Voice.

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WhatsApp Messenger (99 cents)

This app uses push notifications to get messages, pictures, and audio notes and video messages across several platforms of smartphones.

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EmojiArt (Free)

Tired of sending boring old text messages and emails? Spice them up with EmojiArt, and discover new ways of speaking your mind.

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PostSecret ($1.99)

Have you ever shared a secret with a vast, unknown audience? Thats the aim of PostSecret, where you can read and post anonymous secrets on the Web.

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Twitter (Free)

Blast out your daily, hourly or by-the-minute status with the ubiquitous Twitter. Just try to have something to say.

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Bump (Free)

Share photos, apps, music, messages, locations and contacts by bumping your iPhone to another, or partake in long-distance virtual bumps.

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Tapatalk Forum ($2.99)

Check out this forum app that allows you to connect to thousands of Internet forums with the ability to access private messages and upload images.

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Facebook (Free)

Well, we had to include it, didnt we? Post status updates, send messages and otherwise share your entire life, all over again, on your iPhone.

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Text Upside Down (99 cents)

Annoy your friends by sending them a text message that displays itself upside down. You may not use it often, but youll always know whose goat youll get.

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