Smartphone Apps for U.S. Government Agencies Explode

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Smartphone Apps for U.S. Government Agencies Explode

by Nicholas Kolakowski

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Name:</b> UV Index<br /><b>Available for:

Android, BlackBerry, Mobile WebThis app from the Environmental Protection Agency allows users to monitor the UV index and air-quality ratings for their current location.

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Name:</b> The White House<br /><b>Available for:

iPhoneThis app provides information from the White House newsroom, along with featured videos and photos, and streaming video of important White House events.

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Name:</b> BMI Calculator<br /><b>Available for:

iPhoneThis app, provided through NIHs??í(National Institutes of Health's) National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, lets the user calculate their BMI (Body Mass Index), which can be used as an indicator of healthy weight.

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Name:</b> Alternative Fuel Locator<br /><b>Available for:

Mobile WebThis app from the??íDepartment of Energy lets the user find the nearest alternative fueling station, for either biofuel, electric, E85 (ethanol), hydrogen, natural gas or propane. The app also lists each stations business hours and contact information, and provides access to driving instructions.

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Name:</b> FEMA Mobile<br /><b>Available for:

Mobile WebThis application provides information on how to respond to disasters, with instructions in both English and Spanish. It comes from??íthe Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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Name:</b> My Food-a-Pedia<br /><b>Available for:

Mobile WebThis app from the Department of Agriculture offers nutrition information on more than 1,000 foods, including calorie amounts, contribution of that food to the five food groups, and the "extra" calories present as added sugars or solid fats.

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Name:</b> NASA App<br /><b>Available for:

iPhoneThis app brings together updated information on NASA projects, along with images and videos from various NASA sources.

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Name:</b> Product Recalls<br /><b>Available for:

Android, Mobile WebThis app lists recalls for products. Type the name of the potentially offending item into your phone and see whether theres a safety concern, along with information about what to do with a recalled product.

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Name:</b> U.S. Postal Service Tools<br /><b>Available for:

iPhone, Mobile WebThe USPS mobile app gives access to the tools present on, including package-tracking, looking up ZIP codes and finding post offices.

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Name:</b> Mobile <br /><b>Available for:

Mobile WebThis offers users the ability to search federal, state and local government Websites, as well as contact various representatives and functionaries by either e-mail or phone.

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Name:</b> My TSA<br /><b>Available for:

iPhone, Mobile WebThis tool provides real-time operating status for airports from the Federal Aviation Administration, advice on whats allowed in carry-on or checked baggage, and tips on how to move more quickly through security checkpoints.

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Name:</b> Find Your Embassy<br /><b>Available for:

Mobile WebFind the nearest U.S. embassy anywhere in the world. There are also maps, travel alerts and warnings, and contact information for U.S. embassies and consulates.

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Name:</b> Fuel<br /><b>Available for:

Mobile WebCalculate your vehicles gas mileage, as well as annual fuel costs and petroleum use. This also provides information about your car or trucks carbon footprint.

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Name:</b> MedicinePlus Mobile<br /><b>Available for:

Mobile Web This provides information via the??íNIH on various health topics, including drugs.

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