Sony Tablets Unleashed

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Sony Tablets Unleashed

In a sign of how fast the industry evolves, the Sony S Tablet will launch with Android 3.1, while the Tablet P will come with Android 3.2, which sports compatibility mode to make phone apps run more smoothly on the larger tablet screens.

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Sony Tablet S Design

Sony's Tablet S resembles a folded book with pages.

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Angled Design Looks Like a Ring Binder

Clearly, Sony is taking a risk with this special, ergonomic design. We're not sure how many people will go for a tablet that's pliable and not solid like an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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Display Contrast

We have a pretty good idea Sony tablet fans will like this displays dark and bright contrasts, courtesy of the LED-backlit TruBlack technology.

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Home Entertainment

Another plus is the ability to control your home's entire entertainment system with the Sony Tablet S.

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Access to Music

Who doesn't love music in the cloud? It's always available.

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Access to Movies

Movies will also be available from the cloud this October on the Tablet S.

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Access to Social Networks

Sony Tablet S is also solid in the gaming, e-reading and social networking markets.

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Preloaded With Apps

Plenty of apps come preloaded on the S, including Foursquare, YouTube, Evernote and more.

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Dual cameras include a front-facing and a 5-megapixel back camera.

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There is also a special charging cradle for transforming the S into a digital photo frame, a digital clock or a Chumby-like device with access to over 1,500 fun and entertaining apps. The device is sold separately, and pricing will be revealed later.

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Here are the specifications for the Sony Tablet S, which is aimed at challenging the Apple iPad's hegemony this fall.