Sony Tablets Will Succeed Where Others Have Failed: 10 Reasons Why

News Analysis: Sony has unveiled two new tablets, the S1 and the S2. With the features these models have, they will have a better chance to succeed where other tablets have failed against Apple's iPad 2.

Sony has finally unveiled the two tablets it plans to launch later this year. Code-named "S1" and "S2," the devices feature some of the most unique designs of any product on the market. The S1 comes with a single, 9.4-inch display and a wedgelike design, while the S2 boasts two 5.5-inch screens, which can be used as either a single display or two.

Inevitably, when the devices were unveiled, just about everyone was wondering if the tablets would be able to compete with Apple's iPad 2. Currently, several devices, including the Motorola Xoom and Dell Streak, have failed to catch on with customers. There is plenty of talk thatno device will have even the slightest chance of coming close to matching Apple's tablet in 2011.

However, all those statements were made before the S1 and S2 were announced. Considering all the many features those devices offer, in addition to the operating system they're running, Sony's tablets could very well succeed in the tablet space. Moreover, the devices could gain a sizable chunk of the tablet market.

Read on to find out why:

1. The design is fantastic

The iPad 2 is arguably the best-looking tablet on store shelves. But whether or not it will be able to hold on to that crownwhen Sony's tablets launch remains to be seen. The S1's form factor is unique and exciting. The dual-screen S2 offers a world of possibilities. For once, a tablet vendor has delivered a design that can rival Apple. And that alone could help Sony succeed where others haven't in the tablet space.

2. 'Honeycomb' should be better by launch

When the Motorola Xoom launched with Android 3.0 "Honeycomb," some wondered if the operating system would be able to hold up against iOS. Unfortunately, as one analyst pointed out, Android 3.0 is "extremely complicated and confusing." By the fall, when the Sony tablets are expected to launch, those issues should be ironed out. The devices will ship with an operating system in Honeycomb that could finally give Apple something to worry about.

3. Sony is a household name

One of the biggest issues standing in the way of many tablets on the market is that they come from companies that don't have the same brand appeal as Apple.But Sony is different. The company is one of the most trusted consumer electronics companies in the world. If Sony can properly leverage its brand name, its tablets should have a much greater chance of succeeding against the iPad 2.

4. The screen size is perfect

As Steve Jobs pointed out last year during an earnings call with investors, offering a 7-inch screen on a tablet just doesn't make much sense. Luckily, Sony announced that its S1 will come with a 9.4-inch display. That should appeal to those who want to enjoy video content or play games. Large screen sizes are important in the tablet space. It seems that Sony has learned that lesson.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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