SPOT Watch Service Blinks

Microsoft's MSN Direct service experiences its first official outage since it went live in January.

Customers of Microsoft Corp.s new MSN Direct service experienced a major service interruption on Thursday, as the services Web site displayed error messages and many users watches received no new data.

Users attempting to make changes to their personalization settings received error messages and were unable to synchronize their watchs calendar with their desktop.

Postings on the message boards of Web site grumbled about day-old stock quotes and problems receiving news stories.

One user wrote, "All [my] stock quotes are from yesterday."

On the same message board, Microsofts Lead Program Manager for MSN Direct, Joel Grossman, told customers that Microsofts "operations team is actively investigating."

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed at 5:30 EST: "There was a temporary outage of the network but it seems to be back now with the exception of Outlook [synchronization]."

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