Sprint Aims to Entice New Mobile Customers With Half-Off Deals

Sprint is offering to cut existing AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon mobile plans by 50 percent to get users to switch to Sprint's network.  

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Sprint is offering customers of competitors AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon 50 percent off the monthly cost of their existing mobile plans with those carriers to give Sprint's LTE Plus network a try.

The offer includes most mobile plans available from AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, and the lowered rates are guaranteed through 2018, according to Sprint, which unveiled the new offer on Nov. 18.

The invitation to new customers is being made to show off the performance of Sprint's updated network, which is now faster than Verizon and AT&T, based on the analysis of a recent study by Nielsen, according to Sprint.

New customers can sign up for this offer nationwide through Jan. 7, 2016.

Under the offer, a customer paying $50 a month for a T-Mobile cellular plan that includes 2GB of high-speed data would pay $25 a month for a single line, or $50 a month for four lines based on T-Mobile's $100 monthly rate. For a single line with 10GB of data from T-Mobile, a new Sprint customer would pay $40 per month, which is half the $80 charged by T-Mobile.

A former AT&T customer would pay $25 per month for 5GB of shared monthly data with Sprint, which is half the regular $50 a month charge from AT&T, plus a monthly access charge of $12.50 per line, which is half AT&T's rate. A 20GB shared data package would be $140 from AT&T, but is $70 from Sprint under the offer, in addition to a half-off $7.50 per month access fee on each line.

A former Verizon customer would pay $30 a month for 6GB of high-speed data from Sprint, compared to $60 a month from Verizon, under the deal. An access charge of $10 for smartphones or $5 for tablets—half of Verizon's rates—would also apply per device and line. A 20GB data plan would sell for $60 a month with Sprint, compared to $120 with Verizon, plus line access charges.

"We've made tremendous strides with our network because we know consumers want wireless service that provides consistent speed and reliability," Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said in a statement. "We are so confident that customers will have an amazing experience that we are encouraging them to give us a try with the biggest wireless offer in the history of our industry."

Existing customers will also be rewarded for staying with Sprint with an offer for a free Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 7 tablet with one year of free service with a two-year contract, while supplies last, according to Sprint.

"Our company would be nothing without our existing customers so we wanted to make sure we showed our appreciation to them, too," said Claure.

Sprint's LTE Plus network is available today in 77 major markets and takes advantage of Sprint's triband spectrum portfolio, as well as carrier aggregation and antenna beam-forming, according to Sprint.

Under the 50 percent rate-cut offer, customers will have 28 days to try out Sprint's services. If they are not satisfied, they can return their devices without a restocking fee, according to the company. New customers can get their new devices through a Sprint Lease, the Sprint iPhone Forever plan, a Sprint Easy Pay installment plan or by paying the full retail price for the device. Customers can also bring their own compatible device to Sprint for use with a new account. Customers must transfer at least one line and up to nine lines to a new Sprint account.

Sprint will also pay a customer's switching fees up to $650 per line via an American Express Reward Card after online registration and after turning in their old phone.

Cricket Wireless and MetroPCS customers are also eligible to switch carriers under the same 50 percent-off deals, according to Sprint.