Sprint and Verizon Join AT&T's Double Data War for Customers

AT&T may have recently started the latest double-data-for-the-same-price offer, but Sprint and Verizon have also just jumped in and are trying to sweeten the pot for customers.

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Sprint and Verizon Wireless have bumped up their own free data salvos for customers now that AT&T began a recent promotion to double some cellular data packages at the same prices for users.

In late September, AT&T launched its double data offer for customers who buy shareable data packages for between 15GB to 50GB per month, giving users 30GB to 100GB of shareable data for the same prices.

Now Sprint is hiking its own shareable data packages for users who buy monthly shared plans for 32GB, 40GB or 60GB of data, offering users free increases to 60GB, 80GB or 120GB respectively, according to an Oct. 1 announcement by the company.

Verizon is also joining the battle, doubling the included shareable data for business customers who buy monthly packages of between 20GB to 50GB, which will provide 40GB to 100GB of data to users, according to an Oct. 1 announcement from Verizon. Families that purchase smaller shared data plans for 12GB of data monthly will be boosted to 15GB of data, while families that purchase 16GB monthly plans will be bumped up to 30GB under the promotion.

For all of the offers from the three cellular providers, all of the details are in the fine print.

At Sprint, the free data offers are available to new and existing customers under the company's 32GB, 40GB and 60GB Family Share Pack plans, as long as users sign up by Oct. 31 at Sprint retail stores, Sprint.com or through Sprint Telesales, according to Sprint. The free data promotion will also be available in additional retail outlets soon, but that timetable has not yet been announced.

As part of the promotion, the company will also waive the $10 to $20 monthly line access charges for new devices on 20GB or higher data plans for customers who switch their number to Sprint from another carrier. The new devices must be purchased through Sprint Easy Pay or the Sprint iPhone for Life Plan to be eligible for the waived access fee. The monthly access fees will be waived through the end of 2015, while the extra data packages can be kept for as long as the account remains active.

Under the promotion, customers would pay $130 per month for 60GB of shared data, $150 per month for 80GB of shared data or $225 per month for 120GB of shared data, plus taxes and fees, according to Sprint.

Sprint Business Plan customers are also eligible for double data offers for data plans that offer 40GB, 60GB, 80GB and 100GB of shareable data per month, according to Sprint. The business plan promotion begins Oct. 3, and will double the data in those plans to 80GB, 120GB, 160GB and 200GB of data, respectively. Customers must sign up for the business promotion by Oct. 31.