Sprint Unveils 'Business Share More' Mobile Plans to Simplify Bills

The new business-aimed mobile plans aim to make it easier for companies to buy mobile data, talk and text services for each employee.

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Sprint has announced new Business Share More mobile plans that allow businesses of all sizes to customize a mobile package that will give them the data, talk and text services their employees need at prices that are fixed and easy to manage each month.

The plans, unveiled May 9, allow businesses to choose data plans starting at $90 for 20GB plus up to 10 phone, tablet or mobile broadband lines at $10 each (total package $190 for 10 lines with data, talk and text per month), to packages of 1,000GB of data a month for $3,500, plus $10 per mobile line for an unlimited number of users (total price $13,500 per month for 1,000 mobile device lines with data, talk and text).

A 100GB data package for up to 50 lines is $425, a 300GB data package for an unlimited number of users is $1,050, while a 500GB data plan is $1,750 per month. All plans are charged an additional $10 for each user.

The idea behind the new business share plans is to give a wide range of companies the flexibility to create mobile plans to fit their needs, according to Sprint.

The Business Share More plans ensure that employees have access to the right amount of monthly sharable data virtually wherever and whenever they need it. The tiers range from 20GB with up to 10 lines to 500GB with unlimited lines. These plans are structured to ensure that when a business grows and data needs increase, so does value. The more data you purchase, the better your value (price per gigabyte). Further, it's easy to step from one plan to the next as needs change or as your business changes in size.

As part of the Business Share More plans, Sprint provides business customers a wide selection of choices and options. Customers can choose almost any device—including smartphones, tablets and mobile broadband. Additionally, these devices can be leased, purchased with 24 monthly installments or discounted with a two-year contract term. Business customers can also opt for an individual companion plan as part of the package.

All Sprint Business Share More plans include unlimited talk and text while on the Sprint LTE network, as well as pools of shared on-network data. Also included is free texting from the United States to anywhere around the world. No minimum service terms are required for the plans and there are no limits on the number of lines that can be included starting with data packages of 300GB or more, according to the company.

"With Sprint Business Share More plans, we're making business pricing simpler than ever and ensuring we continue to meet the needs of today's mobile workforce," Kim Green-Kerr, vice president and general manager of the small and midsize business division at Sprint, said in a statement. "Compare our plans to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, [and] you'll find that our plans are easier to understand and offer more value than the competition."

Mobile devices can be purchased for each user, leased per month or can be acquired at a discount through two-year contracts, under the Business Share More plans.