Surface Pro Tablet Showing Potential for Big Sales: 10 Reasons Why

NEWS ANALYSIS: Microsoft’s Surface Pro sold out in its first weekend of availability. Here are the reasons why Microsoft may be on the verge of a major success with its Windows 8 Tablet.

Microsoft’s foray into the tablet market has been met with much skepticism. But during the first weekend of Surface Pro availability, Microsoft was at least temporarily able to silence its critics when several retail stores reported no stock left of the company’s latest tablet. In a statement, Microsoft said that it will attempt to replenish its depleted supply as quickly as possible.

The Surface Pro certainly has its doubters. The device comes from Microsoft, runs Windows 8 and is viewed by some as a weak competitor to the iPad. But despite its perceived shortcomings, the device is proving popular if the first weekend of sales proves to be a reliable gauge. If Microsoft can maintain a steady supply in the retail chain in the coming months, there’s a solid chance that it’ll be even more popular.

Believe it or not, Microsoft might be on the verge of a major success with the Surface Pro tablet. Read the reasons why here.

1. Microsoft branding

It’s no secret that Windows-based tablets haven’t been all that successful. However, that might be due to the fact that a major company does not back them. The Surface Pro comes from Microsoft and runs the Windows PC operating system that just about everyone is familiar with. Having the Microsoft branding on front of a device helps immensely.

2. A lack of compelling alternatives

Looking around the non-iPad, non-Android landscape, it’s hard to find a lot appealing alternatives to the Surface Pro in the Windows market. Save for the Surface Pro, there hasn’t been a single successful tablet launched that wasn’t running iOS or Android. As Microsoft has discovered, however, there’s a surprisingly large market of people that don’t necessarily want to work with iOS and Android. That’s the market that’s helping Surface Pro succeed.

3. Windows 8’s app support

The Surface Pro’s support for just about every Windows application out there is a huge selling point. The company’s Surface RT only works with specific apps in the Windows Store. In addition to support for Windows 8 programs, the Surface Pro can accommodate Windows 7 applications. Enterprise users and consumers are happy about that.

4. The big display

The Surface Pro’s screen size is 10.6 inches, making it notably larger than the 9.7-inch iPad. For enterprise users looking to maximize employee productivity, that extra bit of screen real estate matters. For consumers, the extra screen size means Microsoft can display full 1080p content on the tablet. That’s all good stuff.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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