Sybase Puts Unwired Applications to Work

Sybase is using a pair of apps to help employees retrieve up-to-the-minute data wirelessly.

With an eye toward pruning more from enterprise data and pushing mobile information access to new boundaries, Sybase Inc. on Wednesday unveiled a pair of internally implemented applications putting its "Unwired" corporate mantra to work.

Shown before an audience at the Forbes CIO Forum in Dallas, these new tools, Sybases executive leadership Mobile Dashboard and Sybase MAST (Mobile Accessible Sales Tool), are specifically designed for two sets of employees at Sybase who rely on mobile retrieval of up-to-the-minute information, noted officials of the Dublin, Calif., company.

Executive leadership Mobile Dashboard provides Sybase senior executives with customized and integrated business intelligence data from a variety of sources through their handheld devices. The application was built to help executives make informed business decisions faster based upon their outlined objectives.

Sybase MAST offers the companys mobile sales force unfettered access to changing product and detailed customer information, as well as to calendars, e-mail, contacts, problem tickets and the Sybase software developers network.