Syclo Brings Cross-Platform Mobile Support to IBM Maximo Users

At IBM’s Pulse 2012 conference, Syclo, a maker of mobile solutions for enterprise users, announced support for IBM Maximo on Apple and Android devices.

LAS VEGAS €” Syclo, a provider of enterprise mobile software, has announced that the Syclo SMART Mobile Suite for Maximo is now available for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android smartphones and Android tablets.

Syclo made its announcement at the IBM Pulse 2012 conference here March 5. Syclo has deployed mobile for more than 400 IBM Maximo enterprise asset management software customers on Syclo€™s Agentry Mobile Platform. Syclo officials said the company is the only vendor that provides mobile solutions for IBM Maximo that work with all major devices, whether connected online or not.

Indeed, one of Syclo€™s claims to fame is that it delivers native applications without the need to maintain separate code sets for each device. As users deploy increasingly diverse applications to corporate users and consumers, the need to support more devices and provide a high level of user experience also increases. Syclo€™s SMART Mobile Suite, built on Agentry Mobile Platform, meets these needs by natively running on every major mobile platform to support all devices on the market, the company said.

€œWith the growing importance of mobilizing the workforce and the consumerization of IT, our focus was, and is, on helping companies across multiple industries improve their businesses and impact the bottom line,€ Rich Padula, Syclo€™s president and CEO, said in a statement. €œThese tenants have always been important for us in the Maximo community where we have been serving it for nearly 12 years. In fact, Syclo is recommended by IBM as the choice for complex implementations, such as integrating to Maximo Industry Solutions, accessing multiple systems and leveraging advanced functions. In addition to being the leading solution provider of any company mobilizing Maximo, Syclo is also proud of the fact that we are the only provider mobilizing Maximo that offers mobile device management [MDM] solutions.€

The Syclo platform delivers support across Windows, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets. Customers get native applications without the need to maintain separate code sets for each device, while software designers get increased flexibility in configuring user interfaces to ensure that each application looks and behaves exactly as expected on each operating system. Syclo SMART Mobile Suite for Maximo works with IBM Maximo versions 4, 5, 6, 7 and 7.5.

Notable Syclo customers who will be on hand to share their Syclo experiences at IBM Pulse 2012 include Lockheed Martin, Stanford University, the City of Ottawa, Northern Ireland Electricity and Amsterdam Airport Schipol, Syclo officials said.

Using Syclo€™s Agentry Mobile Platform, users can view, edit, complete and manage their assigned work orders faster and more accurately€”improving productivity, asset longevity and overall operations, the company said. Other key benefits of using Syclo include gaining an average of 15 to 45 minutes of work time per technician per shift, reduced overhead and administrative costs associated with paper work order management and data entry, and preserving an e-audit trail for full regulatory compliance and fine avoidance, the company said.

In January, IBM announced its plans to acquire Worklight, a privately held Israel-based provider of mobile software for smartphones and tablets. IBM later announced the closing of that deal on Feb 27.

In a recent IBM study of more than 3,000 global CIOs, 75 percent of respondents identified mobility solutions as one of their top spending priorities. Meanwhile, for the first time ever, shipments of smartphones exceeded total PC shipments in 2011.

€œOur clients are under increased pressure to meet the growing demands of a workforce and customer base that now treat mobility as mission-critical to their business,€ Marie Wieck, general manager of IBM application and infrastructure middleware, said in a statement. €œWith the acquisition of Worklight, IBM is well-positioned to help clients become smarter mobile enterprises reaching new markets.€

Worklight's software enables organizations to efficiently create and run HTML5, hybrid and native applications for smartphones and tablets with industry-standard technologies and tools. Worklight€™s capabilities provide a complete and extensible integrated development environment (IDE), next-generation mobile middleware, flexible management and analytics. Worklight dramatically reduces time to market, cost and complexity while enabling better customer and employee user experiences across more devices, the company said.

Worklight builds on IBM's mobile capabilities in the areas of building and connecting mobile applications, managing and securing mobile devices, and extending existing capabilities and capitalizing on new business opportunities.

IBM's strategy is to offer its customers a complete set of the software and services they need to effectively bring mobile devices into their business infrastructure. The explosive growth of mobile has created a fragmented landscape for enterprises to support, often with limited budgets and skills. IBM€™s development and integration tools, complemented by Worklight, help clients to develop mobile applications and their supporting infrastructures for a variety of platforms just once€”including Apple iOS and Google Android€”while offering capabilities to securely connect to corporate IT systems.