T-Mobile Adds iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 to Its Jump On Demand Offers

Under the deals, T-Mobile customers can now get the devices through monthly lease payments that are added to their mobile accounts.

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Apple's latest iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4 tablets are now available to T-Mobile customers through monthly lease payments on Jump On Demand mobile plans.

T-Mobile announced the availability of the devices on Oct. 28.

The Jump On Demand plans let customers switch their mobile devices as many as three times a year, while also allowing customers to pick up many new devices with absolutely no money down. The Jump On Demand program was updated in June after being introduced in July 2013 as a way to let customers switch devices twice a year after a six-month waiting period.

Under Jump On Demand, a customer can get a 16GB iPad Air 2 for $0 down and 18 payments of $26 a month ($468 total). A 64GB iPad Air 2 is $99.99 down plus 18 payments of $25 a month ($549.99 total). A 128GB iPad Air 2 is $199.99 down and $24 a month for 18 months ($631.99 total).

A 16GB iPad Mini 4 is $0 down and 18 payments at $22 a month ($396 total), while a 64GB iPad Mini 4 is $99.99 down and 18 payments at $21 a month (total $477.99). A 128GB iPad Mini 4 is $199.99 down and 18 payments of $19 a month (total $541.99).

Jump On Demand customers will be eligible to upgrade to an iPad model with more memory or a different color or to an entirely different model under the program, according to T-Mobile.

Customers can add their iPad to their Simple Choice voice plans for $10 per month and get the same amount of high-speed data on their tablet as they pay for their mobile phones.

More than 10 million customers signed up for the original Jump plan in its first two years, according to the company. Those customers have upgraded their smartphones about 30 percent faster than other customers, usually about every 14 months compared with the industry average of nearly 20 months, according to T-Mobile.

Under the program, customers make payments on their devices for 18 months and then can turn it in at the end with nothing more owed, or they can upgrade to a new device and plan. They also have the option to make a final payment and keep their existing device. If a customer keeps the phone and makes the final payment, the total of the payments will equal the retail price of the phone, according to T-Mobile.

Earlier in October, T-Mobile brought back its 10Gigs4All family mobile phone plans that offer 10GB of high-speed data per month per person for a limited time. Under the deal, a family of four pays $50 each for the first two mobile lines, plus $20 for the third line. The fourth line, which also gets 10GB of high-speed data, is then provided for free. That adds up to $120 a month for four lines under the plan, with each line essentially costing $30 per month under the special promotion.

The revived plan, which is only being offered for a limited time, also includes unlimited talk and texts for each user.

The 10Gigs4All plan was originally offered earlier this summer and was the company's most popular promotion of all time based on the percentage of postpaid customers signing up, according to T-Mobile.