T-Mobile Convergence

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T-Mobile Convergence

The Samsung t409, shown here in its closed position, operates in both a GSM and Wi-Fi environment, and can switch seamlessly between either mode of communication.Photo: T-Mobile

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T-Mobile Convergence - Samsung t409 Open

The Samsung t409 is a fairly standard flip phone. While it operates on both Wi-Fi and GSM, it only costs $49.95 with a two-year contract.Photo: T-Mobile

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T-Mobile Convergence - Nokia 6086 Open

The Nokia 6086 shows that its working in its Wi-Fi mode, as indicated by the @ Home notation on the menu. It can switch seamlessly between GSM and Wi-Fi.Photo: T-Mobile

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T-Mobile Convergence - Nokia 6086

Shown here partially closed, the Nokia 6086 is a fairly standard dual-screen handset. It handles both Wi-Fi and GSM and sells for $49.95 with a two-year contract.Photo: T-Mobile

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T-Mobile Convergence - Linksys Router

The Linksys WRT546-TM is designed to handle voice calls as well as Wi-Fi data. It gives priority to voice calls. Because Linksys is part of Cisco Systems, it gives that company access to the technology to use this means of convergence in broader applicati

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T-Mobile Convergence - D-Link Router

D-Links TG-G5240 router gives users an additional option for their Internet routers. D-Link is known for its practice of moving items that met success in the consumer space into the enterprise market. This is an 803.11b/g router, as is the Linksys.

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