T-Mobile Cuts Price of Samsung Galaxy Phones by $100 Through Dec. 23

T-Mobile customers can also get a free year of Netflix service if they get one of the specially priced Samsung smartphones by Dec. 31.

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T-Mobile is cutting the prices of Samsung's latest Galaxy smartphones by $100 each through Dec. 23, as well as giving customers a free year of Netflix streaming movie services with their Galaxy purchase.

The offers begin Dec. 18 in T-Mobile stores and are part of the mobile carrier's recent holiday promotions for customers.

The $100 price cuts are being made on the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 flagship smartphones.

The free year of Netflix, which is valued at more than $100, is also available when a Galaxy model is purchased or leased. The Netflix deal runs through Dec. 31.

T-Mobile's Binge On free unlimited video streaming services, which were announced in November, can be used on the Galaxy phones and with the free Netflix subscriptions. With Binge On, customers can use their mobile devices to watch streaming video through the service without it counting against monthly data plans for customers who have Simple Choice cellular plans with 3GB of data or more per line. The free unlimited Binge On video-streaming capability was part of T-Mobile's Un-carrier 10 announcements.

"Today we're putting the final bow on a fantastic month of gifts to all wireless customers," John Legere, the president and CEO of T-Mobile, said in a statement. "The carriers' holiday 'deals' are full of trickery and promises in exchange for a set of handcuffs and higher costs down the road. That's not a gift, and it's not how the Un-carrier does it. Starting this weekend, we're giving you $100 off the top on Samsung's hottest phones, plus a year of Netflix. Period. Happy Holidays Everyone!"

Under Binge On, customers with qualifying data plans can stream video content from some 24 content providers to start, including HBO, Hulu, Netflix, Showtime, Sling TV, Starz, WatchESPN and more, all without using the data in their monthly plans. The video streaming will be provided at 480p DVD quality and will be optimized to use one-third of the bandwidth that's normally required for video, according to the company.

T-Mobile has been unveiling other holiday gifts in recent weeks to its own customers and to customers of its main rivals.

Earlier in December, T-Mobile gave Verizon customers a year of free Hulu mobile video streaming if they switched to T-Mobile, according to a recent eWEEK report.

Sprint customers were recently offered $200 payments for every line they switched over to T-Mobile under the promotion, while AT&T customers were offered smartphone memory upgrades and half-off on accessory purchases if they switched by Dec. 13.

T-Mobile even gave its own postpaid Simple Choice customers a holiday gift in late November when it announced it was giving them free unlimited high-speed data for three months, starting Dec. 1, as a holiday bonus. The offer also applied to business customers.

In November, T-Mobile again expanded its Music Freedom free music-streaming service for customers, adding another 11 streaming-music services where users can listen to as much music as they want without consuming their available high-speed data plans. The Music Freedom vendor expansion has been occurring steadily since T-Mobile started the initiative for customers who have Simple Choice mobile phone plans in June 2014, when it began with seven streaming music services as part of its Un-carrier 6 Music Freedom offering. Previously, such streaming would count against a user's data plan usage. The newest services now give T-Mobile 44 music-streaming services that customers can use without dipping into their monthly data plans.