T-Mobile Offers $120 Monthly 4-Line 10GB Plans

T-Mobile's special limited time 10Gigs4All family plan promotion includes four lines with 10GB of data each.

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T-Mobile is bringing back its 10Gigs4All family mobile phone plans that offer 10GB of high-speed data per month per person for a limited time.

Under the deal, a family of four would pay $50 each for the first two mobile lines, plus $20 for the third line. The fourth line, which would also get 10GB of high-speed data, would then be provided for free. That adds up to $120 a month for four lines under the plan, with each line essentially costing $30 per month under the special promotion.

The revived plan, which is only being offered for a limited time, was announced by the company on Oct. 14. The plan also includes unlimited talk and texts for each user.

The 10Gigs4All plan was originally offered earlier this summer and was the company's most popular promotion of all time based on the percentage of postpaid customers signing up, according to T-Mobile.

Like other T-Mobile plans, the new plan does not have a contract or overage charges for domestic data use, the company said. T-Mobile's data stash, which lets customers roll over their unused data to use later for up to one year, is also included, as well as free music streaming and WiFi calling.

Mobile phone plan promotions are a common theme in the industry, with competitors slugging it out regularly in the battle for customers.

Earlier in October, Boost Mobile began offering free included data upgrades of up to 3GB per account to its prepaid mobile customers who pay their bills on time for at least 18 months, according to an earlier eWEEK story. Under its new phone plans, Boost Mobile will reward customers with 500GB of additional included data per month after they pay each three monthly bills on time. After six months of on-time payments, customers will earn 1GB of additional included data, and so on, up to 18 months, when they can earn a maximum bonus of 3GB of additional data. The new no-contract plans are called "Growing Data" plans.

The bonuses mean that a Boost Mobile customer with a $35 plan, which includes 2GB of high-speed data, can bump that up to 5GB of included data after 18 months of on-time payments, while a customer with a $45 plan, which includes 5GB of high-speed data, can bump it up to 8GB after the 3GB bonuses. The $35 plan is reduced in price to $30 a month if customers take an auto-payment option. The data performance in all the plans drops to 2G when the monthly data limit is reached.

Boost Mobile is a division of the Sprint Prepaid Group and operates on Sprint's networks.

In September, Sprint and T-Mobile battled over who would offer customers the best deal on new Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones. Sprint jumped into an iPhone 6s sales war with T-Mobile by offering 16GB models of the new smartphone for $1 a month on a Sprint Lease, which was $4 a month cheaper than the $5 a month price announced by T-Mobile days earlier. The limited time Sprint counteroffer was available to Sprint customers if they trade in an Apple iPhone 6 on a new iPhone 6s. The new iPhones went on sale on Sept. 25.

Earlier in September, T-Mobile had announced a special $20 a month rate for 18 months for a 16GB iPhone 6s through the company's Jump On Demand program, with zero down. A short time later, T-Mobile dropped its prices even more, unveiling a $5 a month rate if a customer trades in a working and undamaged Apple iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge or Galaxy Note 5 smartphone.