T-Mobile, RIM Release White BlackBerry Pearl

The companies offer a white alternative to the consumer-oriented device.

T-Mobile has started shipping a new version of Research In Motions BlackBerry Pearl, this time in what the company calls "Pearl White."

According to a T-Mobile spokesperson, the new Pearl is functionally identical to the original black Pearl. When T-Mobile introduced the Pearl last fall, the company said that it was aimed more at consumers than at the enterprise, although it still remained completely compatible with BlackBerrys enterprise software and servers.

According to the company, the consumer focus of the Pearl was on target and the devices appeal will be enhanced by the new color. The company reported that its research indicates that nearly three quarters of Pearl customers moved to the device from a regular cell phone, rather than another BlackBerry-like device.

The research also revealed that most Pearl users connect their devices to their personal e-mail rather than to their corporate e-mail, and about 80 percent have signed up for T-Mobiles BlackBerry Internet Service only, so they can take advantage of their Web mail accounts.


The Pearl White BlackBerry will cost the same as the black one, however, the accessories will be white.


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Wayne Rash

Wayne Rash

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