T-Mobile Unveils Calling Plans, with New Android Phones Arriving Soon

T-Mobile has rolled out two new sets of calling plans, one focusing on phone discounts and the other boasting no contract. The plans arrive in time for T-Mobile to roll out its holiday lineup, which will include two new Android smartphones.

U.S. mobile operator T-Mobile has rolled out two new sets of calling plans on its 3G network, "Even More" and "Even More Plus," both of which come with free nationwide calls between T-Mobile customers and free nights and weekends.
The Even More plans focus on phone discounts and come with a two-year service contract - on Individual, versus Family, plans, $39.99 buys 500 Whenever minutes and unlimited nights and weekends. For $49.99, the Whenever minutes jump to 1,000, and for $59.99, the minutes are unlimited.
Even More Plus plans come without a contract and provide free alerts when a customer is about to exceed his minutes' limit, helping to avoid fees. Individual plans are broken down by whether a customer needs to just talk, talk and text or talk, text and use the Web. Just talking for 500 minutes is the least expensive, for $29.99, while talking, texting and accessing the Web for an unlimited number of minutes will run $79.99.
Even More Plus plans also offer - to users approved for financing - interest-free phone payment plans, enabling users to upgrade their device and pay it off over time.
T-Mobile was the first carrier to offer a smartphone running Google's Android mobile operating system, the G1, and in July began offering the G2, branded the myTouch by T-Mobile. For the holidays, T-Mobile has teamed with guitar-maker Fender to offer a limited edition version of the myTouch - the 3G Fender - which features a guitar-inspired wood-grain-looking finish and comes with music and videos preloaded.
Also among the phones that T-Mobile would like to help customers get their hands on is the Motorola Cliq, which also runs Android. T-Mobile made it available to customers Oct. 19 and will fully release it all and everyone on Nov. 2 for $199 with a two-year contract. It features a 3.1-inch touch screen, a four-row qwerty keyboard, a full HTML browser with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.
Cliq is also the first Android phone to run MotoBlur, which syncs contact information from a variety of sources, such as email accounts and Facebook, as well as backs up information to a MotoBlur server. Should the device be lost or stolen, users can go online, wipe the device's data and restore it on a new one.
T-Mobile also offers HTC's Dash 3G and the Samsung Memoir, which lacks Wi-Fi but features an 8-megapixel camera.
On its Web site, T-Mobile boasts that the plans are "half the price of comparable AT&T or Verizon plans."