T-Mobile Woos Nexus One Users with Super-Fast HSPA+

T-Mobile announced, just at Google debuted the Nexus One "superphone," that its entire 3G network is now enabled with HSPA 7.2, and that it will be the first U.S. carrier to launch the 3.5G technology HSPA+. The Nexus One is available with T-Mobile service for $179.

As Google officially introduced its Nexus One smartphone on Jan. 5, T-Mobile thought you might like to know that its network is now really fast. And getting faster in 2010.

In a Jan. 5 statement, the carrier announced that it has enable HSPA 7.2 across its entire 3G network-which reaches 200 million Americans-and that it will be the first to launch HSPA+, a 3.5G technology, in the United States.

"While other carriers talk about 4G plans and the promise of compatible devices, T-Mobile will speed ahead with HSPA+ deployments across the bulk of its 3G footprint this year, delivering [three to five times] the speeds of today's 3G," T-Mobile wrote in the statement at the kickoff of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It continued, "And the best thing about the HSPA+ upgrade is that it's backward compatible, so that the T-Mobile 3G-enabled device being announced this week ... it's getting faster in 2010."

T-Mobile told eWEEK in November that it launched a trial HSPA+ network in Philadelphia and has seen speeds even faster than those claimed by early 4G providers of WiMax and LTE.

Google is now offering the unlocked Nexus One for $529, or for $179 with a two-year contract with T-Mobile and a $79.99 monthly T-Mobile plan. Introducing the Nexus One, Google clarified that it wasn't a smartphone, but a superphone.

In the spring, Google will also be offering a Nexus One that's compatible with Verizon Wireless, as well as with Vodafone in the Europe.