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No single platform, form factor or technology will dominate, and companies should expect to manage a diverse environment with two to four intelligent clients through 2015.

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Mobile-Centric Applications and Interfaces

Mobile consumer application platform tools and mobile enterprise platform tools are emerging to make it easier to develop in a cross-platform environment.

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Contextual and Social User Experience

Social information is becoming a key source of contextual information that enhances the delivery of search results or how applications operate.

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The Internet of Things

"The Internet of Things" is a concept that describes how the Internet will expand as sensors and intelligence are added to physical items, which will be connected to the Internet.

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App Stores and Marketplaces

Through app stores, like those by Apple and Android, mobile-device users gain access to hundreds of thousands of applications for their smartphones and tablets.

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Next-Generation Analytics

Analytics capabilities are shifting to the cloud and exploiting cloud resources for high-performance and grid computing, Gartner said. In 2011 and 2012, analytics, which are being pushed by the likes of IBM and Oracle, will increasingly focus on decisions and collaboration.

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Big Data

Analytics has become a major driving application for data warehousing, with the use of MapReduce outside and inside the database management systems, and the use of self-service data marts.Photo Credit: Viegas

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In-Memory Computing

In-memory applications platforms include in-memory analytics, event-processing platforms, in-memory application servers, in-memory data management and in-memory messaging.

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Low-Energy Servers

Systems OEMs and chip makers like Intel and AMD are working on ways to deliver low-energy servers to businesses that are looking for high performance without expanding their IT footprint or growing their operating expenses.

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Cloud Computing

Oracle, IBM and SAP all have major initiatives to deliver a broader range of cloud services over the next two years, according to Gartner.

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