Tech Briefing: HP-Engineered Luxury Smartwatch Debuts on Nov. 7

Hewlett-Packard's new smartwatches brings together the style of fashion designer Michael Bastian and the electronics expertise of HP in a device that will be available for sale starting Nov. 7.

The new smartwatch, called the MB Chronowing, is now featured on a Web page created by online luxury goods seller that is counting down the hours until the device will be available on its site. Fans of the watch can sign up to be notified of the launch and the availability for the timepieces.

Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation, kicked off the keynotes at the OpenStack Summit by outlining the current state of the IT market. He explained that everyone is competing with a startup and that the modern world is driven by a "software-defined economy." Bryce also contrasted how virtualization came into enterprise compared to the cloud.

While the cloud leverages virtualization, in most IT organizations the move to virtualize servers was a planned exercise, with corporate approvals occurring in each step of the deployment process. In contrast, he described the cloud as an insurgent technology, driven by need.

The publication Addictive Behaviors reported on what it believes is the first known case of Google Glass addiction. The man in question underwent residential treatment for alcohol addiction at the Navy's Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation Program, but also exhibited a great deal of frustration at not being able to use his Google Glass unit while there.

What's more, he seemed to be experiencing almost an involuntary movement problem that involved tapping his right finger near his temple area, as one does while using Google Glass.

EyeVerify's latest biometric eye authentication and identification product, Eyeprint ID v2.0, will be released in January 2015. Eyeprint ID v2.0 is a Software Development Kit that will allow programmers to build eye authentication capabilities into mobile apps that demand strong, reliable security.

Instead of taking iris or retina scans of users, which competitors offer, Eyeprint ID analyzes the unique patterns of blood vessels in the whites of the eyes to ensure proper identification.

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