The Couchlet Strikes Again

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The Couchlet Strikes Again

by Cameron Sturdevantillustrated by Brian Moore

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Food Finder, Part 1

JC and I had a fairly extensive discussion of grocery shopping enhanced by the couchlet. Probably the biggest reason to add a camera to the couchlet is so that it can read bar codes. I want the ability to add items to my household shopping list by snapping a pic of the bar code.

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Food Finder, Part 2

There should be a couchlet app that can interact with the chain grocery store (and, of course, local market) of my choice so that my shopping list will print out with an aisle map, competing product coupons and recipe ideas. Can you say Food Network?

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Carlet on a Keychain

JD suggested that the couchlet remember all the settings for his car. This includes easy stuff like seat position as well as hard stuff like dashboard layout. I guess I've been stuck in my 1998 Honda Civic for so long I forgot about such power options in newer models.

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Instant-On Entertainment

GG suggested that the couchlet be an "instant-on" Web browser, e-book reader and back-up TV. I say bring it on!

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Add a Keyboard

I noted that the original couchlet would have a small keyboard. A reader suggested that it have a slim slide-out keyboard too. Hmmm ... seems like something just begging to be snapped off. JC suggested a wireless keyboard, and that could be just the trick.

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Couchlet, Phone Home

Several readers suggested VOIP phone capability. Yep.

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Home Control

Many readers wanted home utility controls built into the couchlet. I agree. Lights, heating and cooling, home security, and gas and electric usage should all be available on the couchlet. Just don't let your 2-year-old get a hold of it!

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Longer Battery Life

AC said he likes a "crash weekend" every once in a while, so he needs more juice than the 4-hour battery I suggested for the original couchlet. Let's say that a second battery comes with the couchlet and sits in the smart charger cradle that holds the couchlet.

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All Hands on Deck

DE said he wants to be able to summon his children by paging them from his couchlet. Since you know they always have one with them ...

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Spill-Resistant, Sunlight Readable

JH asked for spill resistance, which I agree is a must-have for the couchlet. I think sunlight is basically incompatible with marathon couchlet use :-)

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JH also wants the couchlet to be upgradable so it doesn't become obsolete in two years. I'll drink to that.

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