The Featherweight Tab A100

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The Featherweight Tab A100

This image should give users an idea how portable the A100 is. Indeed, any tablet that weighs less than 1 pound attracts our interest.

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Sharp Display

The Iconia Tab A100 uses a 7-inch TFT WSVGA that renders images in 1024x600 resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio and 75-degree wide viewing angle.

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How It Looks

The device is sleek and black with a sparse look reminiscent of a basic e-reader. But it's not quite as square as we expected.

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Powered Up

Note the customary Honeycomb widgets adorning the home screen when the A100 is powered on.

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Honeycomb lets users access the Google Movies rental application and more than 250,000 Android apps.

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Day Planner

Acer also includes its own Day Planner and Social Jogger applications. Jogger streamlines Facebook and Twitter streams in one place.

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The tablet comes pre-installed with Adobe Flash Player 10.3. Games, which users can control via a gyroscope, can be ported to big-screen TVs.

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Too Thick

Weve been spoiled by the thinness of the iPad 2 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which each measure around one-third of an inch. The A100 is 0.52 inches, which feels a little chunky.

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Blame the Needful HDMI Ports

To be fair, the extra thickness is a result of the ports Acer provides in the Tab A100. Without the HDMI port, you aren't connecting your tablet to the big screen.

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Micro SD Card Reader

Consumers may shuttle videos, movies and e-books to the A100 through the tablet's micro-USB port, or by using the Micro SD card reader.

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