The iPhone 4 Is Getting Old

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The iPhone 4 Is Getting Old

Lets face it: the iPhone 4 is getting a little old in the mobile market. The device, while still holding its own against the competition, lacks the dual-core processor found in the iPad 2 (and rumored to be coming to the iPhone 5). It also doesnt come with 4G access. And its antenna troubles when users hold it in a death grip are still an annoyance. Current iPhone 4 owners know that their smartphone has a limited shelf life, and theyre already prepared to get their hands on the iPhone 5.

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Rumors Suggest Major Improvements

Consumers are understandably excited about the iPhone 5. The latest rumors suggest the device could come with everything from 4G connectivity and a much faster processor to near-field communication and an edge-to-edge display. The iPhone 5 could prove to be a major improvement over the iPhone 4, and consumers want to get their hands on it as soon as possible.

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Android Smartphones Aren't Too Compelling

There are a host of fine Android-based smartphones that appeal to customers in one way or another. The HTC Evo 3D, for example, is arguably one of the more impressive devices on store shelves. But not even that device can compete on the same level as the iPhone 4, let alone the iPhone 5. Android handsets are nice, but they arent iPhones and smartphone buyers know that.

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They Already Have an iPad 2

As Apples recent sales figures have shown, people around the globe are just as willing to buy an iPhone as they are an iPad. But with the economy the way it is, buying both simultaneously or within a close period of time just isnt an option for many folks. But now that millions have already bought the iPad 2 and it has been around for months, those same people have had the time to accumulate the cash they need to buy the latest iPhone.

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They're Holding Onto Their Outdated Devices

In the past, Apple has delivered a new iPhone to the marketplace at approximately the same time every year. This time around, the company didnt do so. However, since recent reports have suggested the device will launch in September or October, customers are holding onto their current, outdated devices to wait for Apples alternative. If those same folks had already bought a new smartphone, they wouldnt be in the market for the next iPhone. But they havent bought another device, and many are preparing themselves for Apples next launch.

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Apple's Branding

The fact that so many people are ready and willing to buy the iPhone 5 before they even see what it has to offer is a testament to Apples branding. The iPhone maker has been able to deliver products that consumers trust and give them confidence that whatever Apple offers will be a winner. Now consumers are demonstrating that confidence by stating their readiness to buy the next Apple handset, no matter what.

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Buyers Have History as Their Guide

Of course, making the decision to buy an iPhone 5 before consumers even see it isnt necessarily a risk. Since 2007, when Apple launched the iPhone, the company has consistently offered smartphones that people want. The chances that Apple will stumble with the iPhone 5, consumers reason, are extremely slim. History must be ones guide when choosing to buy a product, and Apples history is stellar when it comes to smartphones.

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Windows Phone 7 Is Falling Short

Windows Phone 7 is a real competitor to Apples iOS platform. The devices that are running Microsofts operating system are, in theory, alternatives to the iPhone. The only trouble is those devices fall short in many ways. Most consumers wont even consider using Windows Phone 7. Thanks to that, one competitor has been effectively eliminated from the consumers buying decision and that makes the iPhone 5 look all the more appealing.

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App Support

One of the key reasons people want to get the iPhone 5 is its support for applications. According to Apple, its mobile marketplace now has over 425,000 applications that users can download onto their iPhones. That puts Apples marketplace far ahead of all other competing application stores. Apps are extremely popular and a key selling point for consumers. Dont forget that when considering why consumers want the App Store-capable iPhone 5.

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Timing Is Everything

If Apple does, in fact, release the iPhone 5 in September or October, the company will have chosen a perfect time to offer its device. In that time frame, the iPhone 5 is far enough away from the iPad 2s launch to ensure neither device cannibalizes sales of the other. Even better, its early enough for the holiday shopping season to allow the company to capitalize on those who have some cash to spend as well as those who want to get it during the holiday season. Timing is everything in the mobile space. It looks like Apple is timing the iPhone 5 release to exploit a tsunami of pent-up demand.

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