The iPhone 5’s Big Display

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The iPhone 5’s Big Display

The iPhone 5 comes with a 4-inch display. Previous models of the iPhone came with a 3.5-inch screen. And yes, the extra screen real estate matters.

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Lightning Connector

Apple’s Lightning replaces the former 30-pin connector. So far, the connector won’t work with iPhone accessories—which is annoying—but over time, that’ll change.

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An Aluminum Back Plate

Apple has added an aluminum back plate to the iPhone 5. This produces a device that’s both thinner and more shatter-resistant. Nice.

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It’s a Taller iPhone

In order to offer a larger screen, the iPhone 5 is slightly taller than its predecessors. The extra height isn’t a problem, since the device will still fit into a pocket with ease.

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It’s a Thinner iPhone

Apple has done a great job making the iPhone 5 thinner than the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

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Pick Your Color—Black or White

As with previous models, Apple is allowing customers to choose from a black or white finish. They can also choose between 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models.

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Passbook Is New

Apple is offering a location-based app called Passbook that allows iPhone 5 users to store and redeem coupons, movie tickets, boarding passes and consumer loyalty cards. It’s Apple’s alternative to near-field communication (NFC). There’s just one problem: Right now, few companies support Passbook.

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Apple’s Maps Is Just OK

Apple’s Maps isn’t ready for primetime. The feature displays a host of errors and despite a strong showing in major cities, such as New York, it’s lacking elsewhere.

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Check Out the 3D in Maps

One neat addition to Maps is a 3D option, which lets folks see cities as if they were a bird flying overhead.

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Applications Don’t Fit Taller iPhone Screen

One of the biggest issues with owning an iPhone 5 is that the vast majority of apps available in Apple’s mobile marketplace don’t fit the taller screen.

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The iPhone 5 Camera Is Barely Improved

The iPhone 5’s camera isn’t a major improvement over the iPhone 4S, but it’s still delivering a high-quality experience for users who want to snap some quick photos.

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Tell Them You’ll Get Back to Them Later

Tired of getting calls during an important meeting? Apple lets users send out messages rather than answer a call.

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