The Latest Android Flavors

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The Latest Android Flavors

If recent announcements are our guide, the latest Android flavor from Google, Jelly Bean, will come bundled in many of the devices. In addition, there's talk of the possibility of a new Android distribution making its debut at the show. If that's case, expect any and all of the latest Android flavors to be running on the devices on display.

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Near-Field Communication

Near-field communication (NFC) support is required in all new Android devices that ship. However, Microsoft is also planning to make a big push in that space. At Mobile World Congress, expect to find that nearly all the higher-end smartphones support the wireless technology.

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A Big Screen

The nice thing about the Samsung Galaxy S III is that it ushered in a new era of huge displays. At Mobile World Congress, nearly every product on display will come with a big screen. Don't believe it? Consider the fact that HTC recently unveiled its latest-generation One, and that device has a huge 4.7-inch screen.

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Retina Display Killers

Apple's Retina display is one of the finest in the marketplace, thanks to its heavy dose of pixels per inch. However, the aforementioned HTC One has approximately 100 more pixels per inch than Apple's alternative. Expect that to be a sign of things to come at Mobile World Congress.

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Low-End Models, Too

According to recent reports, Nokia is planning to unveil a new line of low-end devices that will be designed for emerging markets and budget-conscious shoppers in the U.S. Other companies, like Huawei and ZTE, are also expected to deliver those cheaper devices. It won't be an all-flagship event in Barcelona.

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4G LTE on Every Device

The nice thing about the massive rollouts of 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) service in the mobile space is that smartphones will increasingly connect to the ultra-high-speed network. In fact, at Mobile World Congress, you can bet that the vast majority of devices will support 4G LTE.

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The Latest and Greatest Processors

Processors are central to the overall value of a smartphone. Therefore, there's a good chance that many of the devices at Mobile World Congress will come with the latest processors from companies like Qualcomm and Nvidia. Expect to find the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chip in several devices, and Nvidia's Tegra 4 in others.

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Ultrathin Design

The race to be the thinnest product on store shelves is on. And nearly every handset maker is game. So, exhibitors are highly likely to show off devices delivering exceedingly thin designs. The future is in companies making devices thinner and easier to carry around. And smartphone vendors know it.

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The Stylus: A Good Idea

The Samsung Galaxy Note's success with the stylus might prompt many more vendors to support the input method. After all, it's proven popular and it does make it easier for users to tap around a screen. Samsung's idea to bring back the stylus was laughed at when the Galaxy Note launched, but it's now viewed as a good idea.

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Broad Integration

When Sony announced its PlayStation 4 recently, the company said that the game console would connect with the iPhone and Android devices for remote play. Samsung continues to roll out services that enhance its smartphone experience. Both companies are realizing that to be successful, they need to deliver integrated services across a wide array of products. Other companies at Mobile World Congress are also expected to roll out services that acknowledge that reality.

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