The New Treos

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The New Treos

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The New Treos - Full Device

Both devices feature a 320-by-320-pixel TFT touch screen. The screen is recessed on the Treo 800w, but flush with the bezel on the Treo Pro.

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The New Treos - Top Edge

The Treo Pro (0.53 inches, 4.69 ounces) is noticeably thinner and lighter than the Treo 800w (0.73 inches, 5.0 ounces). The top edge features the Wi-Fi control button on the Treo 800w and the GSM radio control button on the Treo Pro. Both have the ringer mute control on the top edge.

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The New Treos - Bottom Edge

The Treo Pro features a 3.5mm headset jack and a MicroUSB 2.0 connector for power or data cable connections. The Treo 800w only has a single MicroUSB 2.0 connector, so users cannot charge the device and use a wired headset at the same time.

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The New Treos - Left Side

On their left sides, both the Treo 800w and the Treo Pro have volume controls and a programmable button.

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The New Treos - Right Side

The right side of the Treo 800w features a microSDHC slot (up to 8GB) and an infrared receiver. The right side of the Treo Pro, meanwhile, has the Wi-Fi control button and the IR receiver.

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The New Treos - Qwerty Keyboard

While the 800w's keyboard features hard molded keys similar to past Treos, the Treo Pro's keys have a grippy, gummy texture similar to the Palm Centro. Both devices feature the same five-way navigator and shortcut buttons, but the Treo Pro uses the touch screen for the left and right softkeys rather than physical buttons.

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The New Treos - Back

Both devices have a 2.0 MP still/video camera and speakerphone on the back faceplate. The Treo 800w adds a self-portrait mirror and an external antenna port.

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The New Treos - Battery Compartment

The Treo 800w has a 1,150-mAhr battery that gets just shy of 4 hours of talk time. The Treo Pro has a 1,600-mAhr battery, but we are still testing the talk time.

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The New Treos - Treo Pro MicroSD

Users have to remove the backplate from the Treo Pro to insert a MicroSDHC card. The Treo Pro claims to support cards of up to 32GB.

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The New Treos - Plugs

The Treo 800w has a fairly standard power supply, but the Treo Pro takes a modular approach, using the USB sync cable to connect to the charger block.

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The New Treos - Modular Plug

The Treo Pro's charger comes in three pieces-

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