The Samsung Galaxy Note Is Larger for a Reason

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The Samsung Galaxy Note Is Larger for a Reason

The Samsung Galaxy Note from AT&T looks like any other Android smartphone, until you realize that it's a lot larger.

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Galaxy Note's Customizable Screen

The opening screen of the Galaxy Note is just like the opening screen of most other Android devices, and you can customize the icons and their arrangement.

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Galaxy Note's Camera and Stylus

The rear of the Galaxy Note shows the camera and LED flash. On the bottom left is the head of the stylus, which Samsung calls the "S Pen."

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Galaxy Note Power Switch

On the upper right side of the Galaxy Note is the power switch. The same button puts the device into standby with a quick press.

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Headphone Connector

The headphone connector is located on top of the Note.

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Volume, Ringer Control

The long button on the upper left side of the Note controls either the volume or the ringer, depending on whether you're making a call, listening to music or just viewing the main screen.

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USB Charging Port

You'll find the USB charging port on the bottom of the Note. To the right, the triangular object is the head of the stylus.

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Removing the Rear Cover

Yes, you can remove the back of the Galaxy Note, and the battery is user-replaceable. To the left of the battery is the SIM card and above that is the holder for a Micro SD card. The back simply snaps off and on.

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Writing, Sending Notes

You can create handwritten notes using the S Memo app. This app will let you create handwritten notes you can send as graphics, or you can have it do handwriting recognition.

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It Works With Sloppy Handwriting

Yes, my handwriting is sloppy, but the Note will read it anyway. You write in a panel on the bottom half of the screen, and it appears as text in the top half. You can also use voice notes or an on-screen keyboard.

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