The Worst Products of Q2

Here's a list of the worst products we saw in the second quarter of 2006.

In late April, we reported on the worst products we had seen in the early part of the year. Some were real stinkers, and you couldnt wait to find out what they were. Judging by your interest, it was one of our most popular stories. We werent surprised. Its like the rubber necking weve all seen on crowded highways as people slow down and gawk at even the most minor of car accidents. (Weve all done it!) We promised to continue our reports on the "clunkers" of each quarter, and so here we are again. Each of the products listed here received a rating of 2 or below (on a scale of 5, which is the best). So without further ado, here are the worst products of Q2 2006.

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